Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Bucket List

I live in a state that is known for Year Round school. Basically this means the kids go to school for 9 weeks then have 3 weeks off. This also means the kids only have a 3 week summer which SUCKS.

I remember my summers as a kid being filled with so much fun. Late nights, family road trips, staying out and reading in rain storms and watching the sunset, sleepovers every other night and we always went to the local city Fair. I want all of that for my kids but I have to squish it all into a 3 week time period. So our solution is a bucket list!

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klaudia soboĊ„ said...

Wow sad in Poland we have two months vacation two weeks of vacation and Friday, Saturday and Sunday are days off as I can :) I invite you also to my blog fall?