Thursday, January 3, 2013

Mystery Noise Solved

Let me begin by saying I have the flu. Like most people who have the flu I am drugged up to a point of complete and total bliss. Seriously, I could kiss the person who invented Dayquil.

A person can only stay in bed for so long before they start to lose it or think the sheets are part of a conspiracy to keep them sick, wounded and vulnerable. No, I'm not paranoid, why do you ask?

Anyway, I finally got myself out of bed and decided it was time for some laundry because, really, when your kid pulls pants out of the hamper to wear to school then it is REALLY time to do some laundry. Now remember, I am sick. Like sick SICK. So I can not be blamed for putting everything into the washing machine at one time even if I had to lean my weight on the door to close it. Really, can a person with the flu be held responsible for sorting laundry?! No.

Fast forward about 30 minutes and I'm laying in bed, trying to sleep away the little monkey doing a dance with an F-ing tambourine in my head and I just keep hearing this thumping, like a neighbor is throwing a great big playground ball at the side of my house type thumping. So I drag myself out of my blanket cave and look out my back window wondering who in the world would do such a thing and I don't see anything. I look out my front window and don't see anything. At this point I am thinking that I'm either hallucinating or someone is trying to knock down my garage door.

While walking down the hall toward the kitchen I start to realize that The Noise is getting a bit closer. Maybe, just maybe the sheets have now conspired with the blankets to completely freak me the hell out.

No, it's the washing machine bouncing. Literally bouncing. I don't think they are supposed to do that.

The lesson we learn from this is that you should not do chores while on large doses of cold and flu meds.

Again, I should not be blamed for this. People with the flu should not have to sort laundry.

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